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Antiglare Coatings: Worth it?


Antiglare coating, also known as antireflective, AR or non-glare coating is an added option that can provide benefits to your vision. It is a coating that virtually eliminates all reflections from the front and back surfaces of your lenses. They are commonly applied to camera and telescope lenses.


Whilst improving the appearance of your eyes to the outside world, it allows more light through the lens – improving your vision for both day and night vision.

Old generation AR

Previously, issues regarding cleaning, peeling and scratching result in many avoiding AR coatings

altogether. However, with improvements in technology, AR coatings have seen advancements that tackle these issues.

New generation AR

The first improvement comes from how the coating is applied. Nowadays, most premium coatings are fused in a vacuum sealed environment resulting in a better finished product. This reduces them peeling or cracking.

They also combine chemicals that allow them to be hydrophobic (repels water), lipophobic (repels oils), and also UV blocking properties. This keeps the lenses cleaner for a longer period with properties similar to non-stick cookware and sun protection.

Take Home Message

All optical lenses could benefit from having an anti-reflective coating added. We recommend any one using their glasses for computer, night time driving or general day to day wear to get an anti reflective coating added. 


We use Crizal Sapphire UV by Essilor and Hoya Diamond Finish for our lenses.