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Eye drops: The 5 you need to know now


Do sore, gritty, red, itchy eyes often have you looking for relief? According to the main research body into dry eyes, the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society (TFOS), you are not alone. Dry eyes “affects hundreds of millions of people throughout the world.” So to offer you that relief, after much trial and error, these are my top 5 options. 

1.      Hyloforte

Courtesy of supplier

This preservative free drop contains sodium hyaluronate – a natural tissue lubricant. It locks in moisture, reduces redness and promotes tissue repair. The bottle comes with a unique dispensing system that allows the internal contents to remain sterile for up to 6 months after opening.


2.      Systane Complete

Courtesy of Supplier

Joining the beloved Systane family, it is the first in the market to combat both aqueous deficient and evaporative dry eye. The formulation contains mineral oil and HP-guar - ingredients that supplement all layers of the tear film. This helps restore the tear structure and protect from evaporation.


3.      Blink Intensive Preservative Free

Courtesy of supplier


Another formulation with sodium hyaluronate that also is preservative free. However, these come in individually packaged vials that allow easy carry without the bulk.


4.      Vita pos

The only ointment on this list, the main benefit of ointment over drops is retention time, especially when sleeping. Think of it like night cream for your eyes. Ever wake up with watery sore eyes? Vitapos is the one for you. It contains vitamin A – vital for maintaining the health of the ocular surface whilst improving the stability of the tear film.


5.      Optimel

For real chronic sufferers, this drop contains antibacterial Manuka honey developed from Leptospermum sp. It creates a microenvironment supporting healing and prevents further damage of the ocular surface. Beware, this drop is known to sting on application. (on self testing, it took around 20-30 second to stop) 


All information should not replace visiting your optometrist. If you are suffering from dry eyes, book in for a comprehensive assessment.