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When to test my kids' eyes


A majority of learning comes from a child’s ability to effectively see and process the information being presented. Undetected vision problems are estimated to affect approximately one in four Australian children1.


Every child entering primary or high school should have their eyes checked to ensure there are no barriers to their learning.

Symptoms to look out for

·         Avoiding Close work

·         Difficulty identifying people/objects at a distance

·         Frontal Headaches

·         Short attention span with reading and school work.

·         Poor comprehension

·         One eye appearing to turn in

·         Tired eyes

·         Holding things too close

·         Falling behind in school

·         Skipping or re reading lines

·         Covering or closing one eye

·         Red or watery eyes.


Even if your children are not complaining of any of these symptoms, we recommend booking in right before school and every 2 years after that.