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Eye Examinations

1. How often should I get my eyes test?

Every two years (2) for a regular check up. However our optometrist may recommend to see you more frequently than this depending on family eye history or eye conditions.


2. Does Optometrist Sylvania Bulk Bill eye examinations through Medicare/ Veteran’s Affairs?

Yes, standard eye tests are bulk billed through medicare.


3. Can I use my own frame or bring a frame from outside at Optometrist Sylvania?

Yes, we always want you to look your best. At a small fitting charge, we can use your own existing frame or external frame to put in high quality lenses. 


4. Do I have to book for an eye examination or can I walk in at any time?

For a general eye examination an appointment is required. However if you are experiencing a quick change in vision or discomfort it is highly recommended you see us as soon as possible.


5. How long does an Eye Examination take?

On Average consultations with our Optometrists are up to 30 minutes. Sometimes Depending on the health of the eye the optometrist may find something out of the ordinary and the duration may be longer.


6. What is the minimum age my Children should get their eyes examined?

There is no minimum age, rather a child should have their eyes examined as soon as a problem is noted and routine examination is recommended prior to starting school.


7. Do I need to book an appointment for the Optometrist to fill in a Road and Maritime Service (RMS) forms?

Yes, RMS forms can be filled out by the Optometrist during a routine check up.


8. I am travelling from overseas can I get my eyes tested? And will there be a cost?

Yes, if you are a traveller from outside Australia our Optometrists can still test your eyes. Yes, there will be a cost involved for the eye test as you are not an Australian Resident with a medicare card.


Please contact our friendly team members for more information


Health Fund

1. Can I claim my Health Fund at Optometrist Sylvania?

Yes, we have a HICAPS machine which can automatically send through to the Health Fund to claim your rebate.


2. How much am I entitled to claim with my health fund rebate?

All Health Funds are different and are dependent on your Health Fund Cover. We recommend for you to check with your Health Fund which can be done through by downloading your Health Fund Phone App, Website or telephone.


3. When does my health fund rebate end ?

Health Funds differ and can end generally at the end of the year December 31st, Financially June 30th and sometimes it can be from the time when you originally joined with your health fund. We recommend to check with your Health Fund.



What do I do with my old glasses?

Don’t throw away your spectacles! We can donate your spectacles to those less fortunate in third world countries.